Posted by: theprovidentwoman | July 26, 2009

Somethings Sweet Over Allergies?

This time of year is a welcome one for many as it invites our families outside into temperate weather and puts the beauty of nature on display. With the blossoming of pollen producing plants there are many who struggle with allergies. Each year I visit with family, friends, colleagues and customers at the farmers market who purchase honey for relief. Often taking a spoonful of local honey with tea, toast, cereal, or even straight from the spoon they come to me weekly campaigning the benefits of honey in pollen allergy relief. I often find customers coming to purchase honey products and convincing others of the health benefits of honey.

Last year while at the market a neighboring produce farmer purchased several containers of honey for their family. We had both summer and fall honey for sale at the time. Their daughter was suffering from disruptive allergies due to early fall pollen and the parents purchased her some honey to see if it would help relieve a portion of her discomfort. The following week they approached our stand again for more stating that after a few days the fall honey had begun to manage the girls allergies. I would venture boldly to say that if evidence for the health benefits of honey were proven by personal experiences, than in regards to the effect of honey on allergies, I have observed the testimony of many, many people who commit to purchasing local honey for the benefit of reducing allergy discomfort.

Local honey is created from the floral sources that also spread the pollens which many people are sensitive to. The honey becomes a natural medium from which our own bodies can begin to create tolerance to pollens that aggravate our allergies. However, while all honey is healthy, not all pure honey’s are made alike. Honey’s produced in Brazil, Europe, or Asia and consumed in Kansas is unlikely to provide an allergy defense of parallel to the local honey for people in any given region. For this reason, those who find themselves in the tangles of allergies this season may want to consider taking a little bit of honey each day.


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