Posted by: theprovidentwoman | July 27, 2009

I Hate Carrying Around My Yogurt!

You know what I hate most about commercials talking about ways to lose weight? Those skinny size 0 6 foot tall ladies saying how eating this helped me lose weight. When we all know she only weighed a buck five to begin with. So, WOOOOWWW, she lost 1/2 a pound eating yogurt. I gain 2 pounds just looking at a yogurt. There is no way a tiny little yogurt is going to fill me up. Sure you’ll lose weight if you can get by on just one. But I would need 3-4 to feel full. I need substance, or solid chocolate to not feel hungry.

I was at work the other night and I had to step in and help the cashiers sell tickets when the line started going out of the building. I was selling tickets one at a time to a group of college-age guys. Have you ever seen King of Queens? Imagine Doug Heffernan, or if you haven’t seen the show but maybe Mall Cop, Kevin James. One of the guys reminded me of him. Same size, build, even hair cut. He orders his ticket to G-Force (yeah if that wasn’t weird enough), while I’m running his credit card he says “I hate carrying around my yogurt.” I’m thinking “What? I must have miss heard him.” I look up and in his other hand is a little yogurt with the spoon sticking out. Now what I should have said was, “There is no outside food or drink allowed,” but I was so shocked to see a guy carrying around a yogurt like it was a Gatorade. I mean come on. I can finish an entire thing of yogurt in like 4 maybe 5 bites. So then I started imagining this guy taking little petite bites of his yogurt to make it last.

I just don’t think I’ll ever understand. Out of all of the things people try to bring into movies. YOGURT, come on!


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