Posted by: theprovidentwoman | July 27, 2009

Our Fair Affair

This past week the fair came to town! We drove by on Tuesday and Wednesday with our children’s eyes wide with anticipation as the ferris wheel was erected and the rides and animals visibly enroute. So, naturally, we decided to go to the fair for the first day to eat an expensive dinner of corndogs and polish sausage to discover the show animals wouldn’t arrive until Friday! So we came back the next day ready to go full throttle.

The girls ready to go

The girls were excited to experience the fair and excitedly recounted stories of last years rides. We didn’t get far before the draw of animal banter whisked our family into the show barns where there were pigs, cattle, rabbits, goats, sheep, poultry and country bumpkins.

Our children were afraid to touch the cattle.

One of many cows

While observing all of the animals we came across a young woman feeding one of the calves. She kindly allowed the girls to become a part of that experience and help satisfy the cows thirst. How many girls does it take to feed a calf?

Feeding a calf

And of course, it has always been a wonder of mine how cattle judging is commenced. It only leads to reason that a cows butt is as important a criterion as any since it’s the only view we fair-goers are privy without muscling between each animal to look them in the eye. An entire show barn with paths and aisles which lead our family between rows of cattle behinds…I mean seriously! This is one of the finest years row of cow bottom in the area.

What is a fair without cattle?

We decide to take a moment between animal viewing and rides to drink some water.

Drinking at the fair

Finally, we made it to the rides.


And our WILD HOGS were reborn!


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