Posted by: theprovidentwoman | July 28, 2009

Cankles, what’s next?

I was watching the Today Show this morning, my normal routine. Before another commercial Matt Lauer gave a peak of a topic they would cover when they got back from commercial. It was over cankles, maybe it’s kankles (fat ankles) and how to get rid of them.

So now I have to worry about my ankles looking fat? What’s next, my toes, my ears? I already worry about my butt, thighs, love handles, back fat and the flabbiness of my arms. Now I have to worry whether my ankles look fat or not. AHHHHH! Will it never end.

I think I’ll go eat a chocolate bar. That’ll make me feel better and forget all about this craziness.



  1. Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment.

    For the record ‘cankles’ is a conjunction of Calf and Ankles. Its when your fat decides to migrate South and your ankles disappear. Lovely thought for a Tuesday morning…what did ol’ Matt suggest to get rid of them?

    • Thanks for the clarification of cankles for me. And I didn’t leave the television on long enough to hear what to do about them, cartoons were calling.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Ugh – cankles. I have them. (Thus negating any crowing I did about my waist ratio. Also, ratios matter naught when one is a size 14. Ha!) Even when I was in my late teens and borderline anorexic, I still had them – I fully believe it’s genetic. My dad has thick calves and thick ankles… I have thick ankles. I’d say if you don’t have them now, you’re in the clear!

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