Posted by: theprovidentwoman | July 29, 2009

Ain’t T-Ball Fun?

In the spring my daughter begged and begged to play T-Ball. Of course we said yes, it was way cheaper than the dance or gymnastics she wanted to take. I loved T-Ball and later softball as a kid. So I’m thinking “yes, my daughter will like something I liked. She is my spitting image as it is.”

She absolutely loved her first practice. There was a girl on her team that was in her Kindergarten class. So, yeah, she knew someone. Let the fun begin. They had three practices before the first game trying to teach them the concept of the game. You know, this is first base, this is the tee you hit the ball off of. Anya was doing great. None of the kids could catch or throw with any accuracy so she didn’t stand out at all. It was all just fun.

Then came the first game. Dun, Dun, Dun….  Here’s how it went.

So far so good, the helmet is on.

So far, so good. The helmet is on and I look cool.

DSC_0077for blog

Oh man, I totally forgot what to do. Is that the ball?

DSC_0016for blog

Yes, I hit the ball, here I go. Wait, why is everyone yelling at me to run the other way.

DSC_0021for blog

Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou, Skip to my Lou, my darlin’.

Now for playing in the field..

for blog

Ewwww. Cool. It’s like a giant sand box.

for blog1

Look at the sand fly. Hey, quit throwing the ball at me. I’m only at  first base. Throw it at the runner.

for blog2

What, I’m out? But no one else the entire game has gotten out. Everyone else gets to eventually go all the way around. Maybe I should skip a little faster.

for blog3

Alright, good job everyone. Let’s shake their hands and say, “Way to go.” Hey, who brought the snacks?

After this game, Anya was informed she was supposed to pay attention and not just play in the dirt. So from then on she cried on the way to practices and games. She didn’t want to play anymore. It just wasn’t fun. We made her stick with it. We told her she was part of a team and they were counting on her. She seemed to understand that and put up with having to go. She also begged and begged, again, that we never, ever make her play again. DEAL!!! No more complaining, yessss!

She had her final game last night. Shew!!! It was finally over. There were only 8 games, but man it seemed like more. Especially when you’re having to entertain a 1 and 3 year old who have absolutely no interest in the game. You would have thought, after playing 8 games all of the kids would have learned a little something about the game. Nope, you’re wrong. They all still run for the ball in the field. And I mean ALL 10 of them run for the ball. Luckily they only allow the runner 1 base because of this.

We know she did learn something though. She no longer tries to run to third after hitting the ball. But she still preferred skipping over running. She got pretty fast at it to.

Now, I promised she would never have to play again so this fall starts dance. Is it bad that I dread the things? Yes, I want her to do them, but I hate being to the one to cart her around to activities. I’m afraid for the teen years. Is there a way to make them stop aging? Or to skip the dreaded teens?


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