Posted by: theprovidentwoman | July 31, 2009

How to get rid of Cankles

I had originally turned off the TV too soon to see the solution. But I’m now so concerned about whether I have what’s considered cankles I had to find it on the web and see what I can do about it if I do.
You can view my tweet about it. It has the video on it. Just click on the tweet to your left. Or click below.

Basically the solutions I got out of it were. You can have lipo (not going to happen and please don’t be that concerned about cankles to ever go this extreme), squats and jump rope (do they still sell jump ropes?) and where high chunky heals with long pants and dresses. Well I’m not willing to give up my capris and flat shoes. So sorry if someone thinks I have cankles. You just need to deal with it. I’m too busy trying to will away my butt and love handles that I can’t worry what you think of my ankles.


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