Posted by: theprovidentwoman | August 3, 2009

Anniversary Part I

For our anniversary our first goal was to rid ourselves of our children. Now I know this doesn’t sound good coming from a mom. I do love my children more than life itself, but hey, who wants kids tagging along on a romantic getaway? “Not I”, said the romantic.

My parents, being the kind, gracious, wonderful people that they are, were more than willing to take the kids and keep them overnight. As soon as we were free to do so we dropped the kids off at their house.

Clint made all of the arrangements for the activities for the day. So as soon as we were kid free we headed off to Kansas City. As per my custom, I slept most of the way there. For some reason I cannot stay awake in a car to save my life. That is one reason I don’t ever drive. About half way into the drive I will struggle to stay awake. But this time I had an excuse, I only got 4 hours of sleep. I worked the night before and had the farmer’s market in the morning. Clint was great. He didn’t mind. And hey, I had no idea the seats reclined so much. I usually have a child in the seat behind me who would never allow me to recline my seat an inch. This made for sound sleeping.

Once in Kansas City, I finally woke up and we headed straight to the Steamboat Arabia museum. This may not sound interesting to you, but we really enjoy museums. This one was a maze to find the entrance. You buy your ticket in the gift shop and then have to wait for the tour to start. We contributed greatly to their plan and bought some things while we were waiting. Christmas presents for the girls.

Meet Hannah!


She was our tour guide. We learned all about how this boat hit a tree snag in 1856 and sunk overnight in the mud under the shallow waters of the Missouri River. All contents aboard lost. In 1988 a father and his two sons figured their wives wouldn’t mind if they spent their life savings and put their jobs on the line to try to find this boat. They were able to locate it’s location in a farm field.

Now you might think, yawn, we had to watch a video. And yes, I wanted to continue my nap a little. But I somehow managed to stay awake. Making fun of one of the son’s hair helped a little. When the lights came up Hannah was gone and in front of us stood this guy.

 Bob Hawley, the dad and one of the founders. He spoke to us for a little bit about his experience. Then they set us free to roam around and take a gander at everything.

On board they found all kinds of amazing things. The things I liked the best were the buttons and kitchen stuff.


How I wish this were mine!

Clint got bored. And then….

He decided to strike poses in front of the paddle wheel.

We really felt like we were there.

Don’t you?



  1. Happy Anniversary! This week is my 6th wedding anniversary and I can totally relate when it comes to wanting a romantic getaway without the kiddos. I’m glad you and your hubby got a break!

  2. So fun! I loved watching the IMAX film about all the things they found on the Titanic. This sounds interesting too.

  3. Mary, thanks for visiting my blog. It’s always fun meeting new people out there in blogland, isn’t it? Looks like we live in the same region of the country. Small world. Have a great week!

  4. *snickers* I could almost feel his pain as he lay on the bench 😉
    Oh yeah, I practically felt like I was sinking with the boat.

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