Posted by: theprovidentwoman | August 4, 2009

Anniversary Part II

For previous anniversary activity see Anniversary Part I.

After the museum we left the Steamboat Arabia museum and headed to the Kansas City Plaza. We had some time to kill before our dinner reservations so we walked around and went in a few shops. The first stop was Pottery Barn Kids. We had them put our name on a list for a Craft Table. This list is for when they redecorate the different room scapes in the store and want to get rid of the display. They sell it for a 30% discount. Count me in.

After that we headed to Williams Sanoma where I spent too much money. In their specialty pans I found a cake pan that makes little sections of a train. TOO CUTE. I also found the cutest cookie and sandwich cutters. The cookie cutters were princess themed (had a princess, the carriage, horse, wand, etc.) The sandwich cutters came in a sandwich holder. Awesome Two for the price of one.

After spending more money than I was planning we headed to dinner at a fondue restaurant called the melting pot.

This was slipped into our menu.

Isn’t that nice?

The restaurant was awesome, here is a look at what we ate.

This is the first course, the cheese course.

Who doesn’t like cheese?


This was the broth to cook the meat.

These were the veggies that we just let float around the broth. We ate the mushrooms but not much of anything else. Too healthy.

We weren’t too sure about cooking our own meat at first. I think we overcooked everything just to make sure they were done.

Ahhh! Our chocolate fondue was on fire.

Shewwww! It was okay. MMMMM Chocolate!

Let me tell you, everything is better dipped in chocolate.

We could have licked the fondue pot when we were done if it wasn’t hot. And yes, we could barely walk because of our very, very full stomaches.

This meal is best described by Keegan Michael Key’s character Eugene Struthers on Mad TV and wih the gal from King of Queen’s



  1. I’ve wanted to try the Melting Pot for months. That looks so delicious! What a wonderful Anniversary night out. That was awesome that they put a personal note in the Anniversary card!

  2. I could spend hours, days even eating their cheese and chocolate fondues!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Looks like fun. Loved the story of how you began dating. 🙂

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