From the Kitchen

Weekly Menu

When my husband and I first married I was elected lover and cuisine chef! As perhaps is common with many newlyweds, the experience of head chef is moderately familiar and exciting, yet difficult to gauge when plannning for servings – especially if you haven’t been at it long. We had many meals prepared for 5 and I quickly learned that my husband really did like the food even if he didn’t eat it down to the very last scrap. As children came into our family the meals became a little more eradic with hubby coming home during lunch and after work with that age old question which they certainly learn from boyhood, “What’s for dinner?” If your like me your day may have been so busy you hadn’t had time to think about it yet…and then the adventures of coming up with a great meal just to find out that your out of something!

Our meal traditions have ebbed and evolved throughout the past years to the weekly menu, which is probably the greatest strategy we’ve ever utilized. We set asside time as a family every Sunday to plan out our weekly schedules and meals. Every week is different, with our favorite meals more frequented than others. Everyone gets to suggest ideas for the week and have ownership of our weekly cuisine. Our children really enjoy being a part of this process and the stress of coming up with a meal day-by-day is something of the past.

We ask our youngest daughter what she would like for Tuesday dinner, “Homemade Mac and Cheese!”

This Week’s Menu
Hamburger Helper
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Taco Ring
Pork Loin
Homemade Pizza
Hamburgers and Homemade Chips
Mom’s Surprise

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