Okay, yes Bees. Mary has convinced me that there is an undying interest in the world of beekeeping that lives within everyone…somewhere…and I’m not referring to the interest of self-preservation when you hear the buzz of a bee in the area. I’m talking about honeybees and my families interaction with them. Do they sleep (the bees, I mean, we definitely find solace in hurrying our children to bed by 7:00 pm every night)? How do you get the honey from the comb? Which is ironic, because while most people are bursting with questions about the bees and the honey I can’t help but reflected back to looking around a sticky garage during harvest with honey saturated newspaper stuck fast to my shoes thinking how did I get myself into this mess?

Rule #1 - Beekeeping is first and foremost about fashion...

Our family has learned many lessons living and working with bees. We learned long ago that sweet smelling hair gel IS NOT the best product to run through your hair the morning before you work in the bee yard without a hat and veil. Bees do not like the surprise of discovering you are neither a source of nectar or pollen.


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